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Maya Lin + CA Academy of Sciences = More Fun With Public Art

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See, we do have something in common with the East Coast. Maya Lin, designer of D.C.'s famed Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is making swift progress on her project for the California Academy of Sciences. Commissioned by the Academy and the SF Arts Commission back in 2005, and set to launch on Earth Day in April 2009, Lin has designed a very ambitious, multi-site project that will essentially function as a taxonomy of (or memorial for) extinct species. No renderings yet, though we do know that the project will incorporate photography and video works; judging by her track record and just-opened exhibition at San Diego's Museum of Contemporary Art, we'll make an educated guess that the piece will include a sculptural component— and we can't imagine that it wouldn't be at least partially outdoors. San Francisco, do we heart Maya as much as we do Dale?

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