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Rental Watch: 3 Bedrooms are a Crowd

Every once in a while, Curbed SF checks in with the San Francisco rental market. And we do it the layman's way: by scouring Craigslist. Today's Rental Watch target: Three bedrooms. The dog needs his own room, OK?

What: 3 bedroom; 2 bath; top floor "executive penthouse"; optional garage space
Where: Noe Valley
How much: $3,750
The Hard Sell: "...amazing view of City, Bay Bridge and East Bay. Short walk to Noe Valley 24th St. shops and restaurants."
Note: Third bedroom described as "office with lots of storage." What they meant to say: "no natural light."

What: 3 bedroom apartment; 1 bathroom; "large kitchen"
Where: Glen Park
How much: $2,300
The Hard Sell: This clean, large apartment is on a small street where the neighbors are mostly friendly. They walk their dogs, and the cars can’t go fast because of the narrow space. The landlord tries to keep the front and back of the house pleasing to the eye.
Note: 80's holdover drug dealers need not apply: "NO water beds; NO Illegal drugs; NO subletting & NO SMOKERS PLEASE!!!"

What: 3 bedroom; fully furnished; backyard
Where: The Castro
How much: $4,650
The Hard Sell: "This house is very light throughout. There is maid service! The backyard has a nice deck and garden areas with redwood, lime and lemon trees. Satellite TV, HBO, Showtime, is on, as well as wireless internet."
Note: The "rent will vary depending" line has us a little worried.