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City College Gives Up on Chinatown Campus, Nabe Enters 12-Step Program

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After last year's outcry from Chinatown/North Beach NIMBY's—and by "outcry," we mean lawsuit, of course— City College of San Francisco had to go back to the drawing board with their new 14-story campus. The complaints were so typical, we feel like we're reading and writing the same stories day in and day out: too tall, too ugly, and no community involvement (a.k.a. the Rincon Hill Effect. Today, architects EHDD and Barcelon + Jang look to rectify those issues with a revised design, created in an attempt to quell complaints and court cases alike. The new campus will be unveiled at a community meeting this afternoon, where homeowners will surely be chomping at the bit to see if their 12-point list of demands (a 12-step program for the nabe!) has been met. So it's another case of architecture by committee— no chance for failure there, right? See the World Trade Center for example— Oh...nevermind.
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[Rendering courtesy EHDD|Barcelon & Jang Architects/Square One Productions and SF Gate]