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Architecture Watch: AquiliAlberg's Twist House May Induce Fainting, Seizures

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Did anyone else catch the 70mm screening of Hitchcock's Vertigo at the Castro Theater last weekend? Milanese architects AquiliAlberg began working on Twist House in 1999 and are currently adapting the design for a private client. Part of the team's "new dynamic domestic language" the Twist House is a two-story residence that "slots into a loft" in an existing building. We've deduced the following about Twist House's owners: 1) They do not own art, photographs, mirrors, or on-wall apparatuses of any kind. 2) They do not suffer from fainting spells, seizures, or any other vertigo-inducing illnesses. 3) They most likely possess a meticulously-curated collection of sex toys, women's razors, Corvettes, or other objects of a curvilinear nature. 4) They may or may not believe in UFOs, black holes, and fourth dimensions.
· Twist House by AquiliAlberg [Dezeen]