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Democracy for Drunks: Washington Square May Become Beer Garden

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At this year's North Beach Festival, the nabes wants to make the park a sobriety zone. Why? Well, because they see the square as "the neighborhood's backyard." (Aren't backyards traditionally places where people gather, eat, drink, and generally partake in communal merriment?) A couple of years back, Washington Square was divided in a decision that could have been made by Solomon himself: Drinking was made legal on one half of the park, while the other was reserved for those throwing vitriolic stares at drunks on the other side. All the park was pissed off. Brace for this year's plan, up for review this week: It calls for vendors to stop selling beer in the park, which will instead become an "all ages beer garden." Washington Square Park: Zeitgeist for the entire family.
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[Image via flickr user mukulkundu]