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Curbed Inside: 888 Seventh Street, Full Reveal

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And here we are, safely inside 888 Seventh Street following yesterday's tour of the grounds. Yes, this is a big, big building— no denying that. With wide hallways and large, expansive interior landings and exterior courtyards— a distinct difference from the tall-and-narrow high rise approach— we can imagine smaller "micro neighborhoods" popping up within this rather massive development. David Baker's battle cry for dense living echoes loud and clear throughout this project, as his use of small spaces (alcoves, storage) indicates true consideration for what it means to live efficiently. 888 Seventh Street isn't flawless— It won't suit everyone, namely those with a bias against people, industrial settings, and bold colors. Buyers seeking a surrogate suburbia need not apply here (but worry not, as you have a hell of a lot to choose from elsewhere). Now, the deets:

· Sizes and pricing: 224 units; 170 BMR, 54 market rate. Sizes range from junior 1-bedroom/ 1 baths (starting at $399k, maxing at $439), loft-style one bedrooms/ 1.5 bathrooms (all at $534k) and 3-bedroom units (beginning at $709K and topping off at $839,000 for 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a whopping 3 private patios). Note: 888 Seventh Street harbors the Infinity's share of BMR units.

· HOA dues: Decidedly low. $300 (junior 1-bedroom) to $470 (3 bedrooms, 3 baths). Each unit includes a single parking spot; additional spots are available for purchase at $35k.

· Sales figures: 888 Seventh Street has been holding weekend tours for the past several weeks; sales offices open officially this week. All of the BMR units have been snapped up (that's 170 units). Only 5 of the market rate homes have moved thus far, though sales are expected to quicken as opening date approaches.

· Move in dates: That said, residents are expected to move in within the next 3 weeks.

· Bonus deets: Two large commercial spaces sit at ground-level; one retail outfit (given the nature of the nabe, most likely a design/furniture shop) and a cafe are expected to occupy those sites. The Mission Creek Bike Trail runs behind 888 Seventh Street, which should receive its final landscaping in the coming weeks. See the Outdoor Edition for more on landscaping, soundproofing, and other tricks and treats.
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