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Eater Tastings: Starbucks Swoops, Moose's Shutters, Rebels Resist Blue Bottle

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Friday afternoon flashback! Welcome to the week that was in Eater SF.

1) File under "tragic, but typical": the Sir Francis Drake's Caffee Espresso shutters, Starbucks swoops in with abandon.

2) Fun with zoning: Noe Valley "upscale" Vietnamese spot makes a move for the second of three existing new resto permits in the nabe. Would-be restauranteurs, final call!
3) Valleywag has called in trained counselors for its staff members, who are mourning the loss of shuttered Moose's, their not-so-secret company watering hole. Fret not, kids. You'll find another beer to cry into soon enough.
4) "Exuberantly thrilling as this may be, it need not start a trend," says Eater of San Francisco's first bona fide "celebrity" restaurant, headed by Mister Tyler Florence. Consider this one analogous to Liebeskind designing condos in SF (if he were, in fact, to do so).
5) Preliminary reports have found that there exists a sub-species of San Franciscans who actually don't like Blue Bottle Coffee. Spotty hours and lack of food and coffee hasn't helped the case, either.


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