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That's Rather Hideous: Staging Disaster at 611 Washington Street

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That's Rather Hideous is the report filed by Curbed SF's own interior design vice squad. Spot an offender? File a complaint— or a compliment. Witness protection guaranteed. Note: As we don't employ a company sketch artist, digital photos are always appreciated.

This might be case where a condo was better left unfurnished before being photographed. 611 Washington Street #2101 is a huge combined 2-unit condo that's on the market at a steep $3,999,000. With its 4000 square feet, that works out to a hefty $1,025 per. A pretty price to pay, but it comes with some fine 21st floor views — obscured here by Engelbert Humperdinck's old furniture. PSA to all Bay Area stagers: this kind of vintage? Not the answer.
· 611 Washington St #2101 [MLS]