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Curbed Inside: 888 Seventh Street, Outdoor Edition

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Curbed SF operatives have infiltrated 888 Seventh Street (read: we got a tour). With 224 units on 6 floors, this David Baker-designed development is by far one of the most expansive we've been in (think low and wide, not high). So big, in fact, that we've decided to divvy up the views. So let's step outside for a moment: above you'll find one of two common courtyards. Rather massive if we do say. Cool feature alert: the grid work that stretches between both buildings (at the end of the walkway) will soon hold a matrix of blue glass designed to function as a noise barrier. We'll be eager to hear residents' reports on that one. In the meantime, click through for the views; you'll find the facts of the matter listed beneath each shot.
· 888 Seventh Street/ David Baker + Partners [website]