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Greenie Gavin Harnesses the Tides

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Forget solar power. Our beloved mayor wants generate power for the city by submerging giant turbines below the Golden Gate Bridge, even though it's in no way financially practical (and about that budget...). We only have one word for the mayor: Awesome. Let's do it. This is a clean— and perhaps more importantly, cool-sounding— power source. Forget the fact that the turbines generate only a small amount of power (3% of initial estimates), cost $15 million each, require $750,000 a year to maintain, and produce a power that will cost 7-10 times as much as PG&E's current commercial power. We can harness the tides! We have the technology! In the sure-to-be immortal words of our mayor, "I don't care about the arguments against it. I care about the arguments for it." Chase the dream Gavs, chase the dream.
· Newsom backs turbine power despite study [SF Gate]

[Image via Let's Green This City]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA