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Brainwashed!: Public Architecture Schools SF

Giving new meaning to the term "noblesse oblige," Public Architecture is moving forward with "Brainwash Plaza," their ped-friendly plan to save Folsom Street from its currently sketchy state. The San Francisco-based nonprofit has taken steps to realize a few more of their ideas — transitioning their concepts from "design projects" into "public interest design campaigns." Be assured, dear reader, that this is more than just a shift in nomenclature (low-to-no bullshit factor here). Rather, it's a concentrated effort to educate and engage the public while taking serious steps to realize their designs. Two Olympic hopefuls are the (#1) Day Labor Station and the (#2) Accessory Dwelling Unit; as usual, deets below.

1) The Day Labor Station is a flexible, self-sustaining, easy-to-transport structure that only provides a bus stop of sorts for day laborers, but also an employment center, meeting space, and classroom. Public's goal with this project is to "address the needs of a community that traditionally has not had access to quality design environments."

2) As a substitute for in-law apartments, the Accessory Dwelling Units are designed to provide affordable, sustainably-designed housing to residents of California. The 500 square foot structure uses alternative building materials and construction techniques including prefabricated panels, a planted roof, and garage door fenestration.

Each of Public Architecture's projects are small enough to be financially feasible and relatively easy to construct, while broad enough in scope to be implemented throughout the city or state. In their own words, "architecture and design can responsively engage the complex social and cultural issues, engender positive social outcomes, and create healthier communities."
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[images via Public Architecture]