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ADA All the Way: Supe Will Sue Over City Hall Ramp

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Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, who has been wheelchair-bound since she sustained a ski-related injury at 13, has vowed to sue after the city rejected (with a 6-5 vote) a $1.1 million plan to build a handicapped-accessible ramp at city hall. Why $1.1 million? Initial reader speculation centered around the attendant sound system set for reconfiguration as part of the plan. Seems that historical preservation is also of utmost importance here: the proposal includes the preservation of a Manchurian oak platform and podium that dates from 1915; said oak is now extinct, natch. On the gossip end, Alioto-Pier and opponent Chris Daly (who wants to build a homeless shelter instead of the ramp) threw down over the measure during yesterday's debate. Note that the clerk's desk, now accessible by a non-ADA compliant ramp, is actually blocked by Board President Supe Aaron Peskin, who sits in front of it. Nice. [SF Gate]
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[Image courtesy SF Gate]