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Price Choppers!: Overstated and Overpriced at 301 Rhode Island

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Slash and burn! Chops galore this week: "Amongst the finest living designs in SF!" shouts this grossly misinformed hyperbolic listing. With its decent location and open, light-filled plan, 301 Rhode Island #B-17 is a fine enough unit, we suppose — made even finer by it's recent $50,000 price drop. But the finest? Come on now. And despite claims of this being "not a typical cookie-cutter loft," it, uh...looks pretty typically loftish to us. Really, the only thing atypical about this single bedroom, $989,000 loft is the interweb-friendly listing jargon. "tp-flr loft has dwntwn views, a gr8 layout, 2 baths, gas freplce." Sadly though, that's become all too typical as well. *Sigh.*
· 301 Rhode Island St #B-17 [MLS]

[Images courtesy 301 Rhode Island website.]

Showplace Square

8th, San Francisco, California 94107

Showplace Square Lofts

301 Rhode Island, San Francisco CA