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Architecture Watch: Regatta Jakarta Sails Ahead

In Architecture Watch, Curbed SF expands its worldview to new structures across the globe. Projects of note should be directed accordingly.

We're beginning to see some serious progress on the nautically-minded Regatta Jakarta, the Indonesian mega-development whose first phase is set to open in the fall with four towers: the Dubai, Monte Carlo, Miami and Rio de Janeiro. Tokyo, Acapulco and Sydney are expected open shortly thereafter, along with a massive Aqua Park. London, New York and Shanghai will bring it all full-circle. Overlooking the Java Sea, the Regatta's design takes on a sea-faring theme with an aerodyamic "light house" (or rather, hotel) anchored at the center of 10 "tall ships" (apartment towers) that "sail" around it; named after the world's major port cities, each tower is positioned according to its cardinal direction. See, there is a method to the madness. Responsible design and architecture parties include the UK's WS Atkins and arch of record, Indonesia-based Atelier Enam; check out the photogallery for some of the sickest construction porn we've seen in a good, long while.
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