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Pier 94 Recycling Center to Recycle Itself

A new recycling plant may be on the way to San Francisco. After years of letting construction debris sit on Pier 94, the brilliant minds of the Port of San Francisco has finally decided to use the site for . . . concrete rubble recycling. Such imagination. Seems to be a sort of a tail-wags-the-dog situation, as the decision to build the facility resulted from the desire to remove the 120,000 tons of waste that would otherwise be too expensive to recycle. This might actually be a small boon to local construction companies, who will no longer have to import the concrete SF uses under roads, paths, and ramps. And with Seawall 337 just up the street, that pile of rubble will be gone in no time— then the port can guiltlessly turn the plant into über-hip industrial lofts, which is probably the underlying plan here anyway.
· Port to Tackle Pile of Construction Waste [SF Examiner]

[Image courtesy SF Examiner]