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Price Choppers!: 402 Sanchez Street Buttons It Up

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A trusted informant just tipped us to a price chop at 402 Sanchez Street (a.k.a. our Funny Valentine) the Castro fun house that's been languishing on the market for some time now. According to our source, the owner bought the place a little over a year ago for $1,200,000 renovated it according to his own (very unique) taste, and then sent it to market for $1,350,000. Now we're down $50k to $1,300,000. (Note that the more, shall we say flamboyant shots of the place have been removed from the MLS. Interesting, and yet a travesty, we say. Let your freak flag fly, 420 Sanchez!) So back to the matter at hand. Will it move, or will it sit? Our tipster predicts a sale at $1,250,000 or $1,275,000. Agreed?
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