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Thoughts on Seawall Lot: "Feel Good" Planning in Hunters Point?

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What is "feel good" planning, you ask? A post in today's Cyburbia defines it as "Projects with poor cost-benefit ratios that are destined to fail or at least underwhelm, but which are promoted and implemented because they bring a feeling of hope to the surrounding community, and possibly because their proponents are in denial about the inevitable outcome." New, subsidized housing in blighted "urban prairie" areas (ahem) and pocket parks in rough neighborhoods are cited as examples of such (sometimes) well-intentioned, yet ultimately futile initiatives. Cyburbian Dan has a few theories, one of which fingers the non-planners who often push for such projects (cough—Daly—cough). After poring over the sometimes excruciatingly vague proposals for SWL 337, we've gotta ask: Is Seawall Lot 337 an exercise in "feel good" planning? If so, not, or maybe— why? Let's all hold hands and talk this one out, people. Group hug!
· Feelgood planning: why does it happen? [Cyburbia]

[Image courtesy Cyburbia]