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San Francisco and Brooklyn: Best Friends Forever?

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The New York Times must have chosen a few of their hippest journos (criteria: oh, we don't know. A tattoo? Mismatched socks?) and shipped 'em out on Virgin Atlantic for a week of embedded journalism on the crazy Left Coast. We've counted four— four— articles pubbed since Friday's wax on Berkeley. San Francisco and Brooklyn. Sisters? Yes, according to the former Fruitvale resident—hold geographic commentary, please— Eve Levine, former chef-cum-broker and current doyenne of Home Buying for Hipsters, a seminar aimed to help the, how do we say this delicately, younger set get its shiz together enough to buy. Quoth Ms. Levine: “You can make money in both cities ... Can you make money in Portland, Ore.? It’s a cool city, it’s got lots of hipsters, but can you make money?” (Note: the Times cites Home Buying as an SF thing— that party actually goes down in Brooklyn. It's not just the bloggers that 'f up, y'know.) There is, the Times claims, a "beaten path" between Brooklyn and SF or Oakland, which is at times treated here as an SF nabe instead of its own city. Another geographic conundrum we noted: there seems to be some discrepancy over which part of San Francisco, exactly, most resembles Brooklyn: SoMa or the Mission? It's an admittedly close call; SoMa has a touch of the post-industrial about it, sure. Subtract the drunks, and add a few brownstones, however, and Valencia Street might suddenly begin to feel like Bedford Avenue. We know better than to pit the two against one another in a reader vote, but please, do tell: SF and Brooklyn 4-ever? SoMa, Mission, Greenpoint, Williamsburg?
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[Image courtesy the New York Times]