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Greener Than Thou: Gav & Put Freeze on SF Solar Plan

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Greener Than Thou is our report on San Francisco’s obsession with all things green, calling bullshit in the poseurs and lavishing praise on those who have secured their place in environmental paradise. Let it mellow longer than most? Holla!

We really should have seen this coming. Despite the Mayor's assurances that solar-rebate funding would be available by, uh...tomorrow, a recently introduced proposal looks to freeze the funding for San Francisco's planned residential solar program. Designed to provide homeowners with up to $5,000 in rebates, the $3M GoSolarSF would have been the largest such program in the US— if only it weren't caught up by additional review courtesy of the fun-loving Board of Supervisors. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission still aims to put solar panels on 15,000 San Francisco rooftops by 2010, and this plan would go a long way in making that happen. If necessary, Mayor Newsom will reintroduce the measure on the upcoming June ballot.
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