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Um, Thanks: Developer's Gift Blocks Bayview Dev

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Affordable housing and historic preservation— fodder for a real estate throwdown of San Franciscan proportions. Enter the following set up scenario: Back in December, a developer donated a 130 year-old boating shack to the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which plans to build 208 affordable housing units on the site, located near India Basin Shoreline Park. Fine. Good. Until a couple of months down the line, when the project fell under fire as it since has. Over 550 petitions have been signed by locals— many boat-builders and union members— seeking to protect the hut from Big Bad Development, leaving the THC in a lurch; if the house stands, 12 units will have to be sacrificed to the preservationist cause in order to build around it. Looks like someone should have looked that gift horse straight in the mouth: the timber building is the last of its kind standing, and has been up languishing on the list of buildings nominated for landmark status since 2005.
· Historic cottage could dent India Basin development [SF Examiner]