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Trouble at 55 Laguna? Yep, Looks Like It.

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A Socket Site tipster— the developer, actually— has blown the whistle on, who else by Supe Aaron Peskin, who it appears is trying to put the breaks brakes on 55 Laguna, the proposed redevelopment of Hayes Valley's UC Berkeley Extension at the corner of Haight and Laguna Streets. A mixed-use development of housing (428 units' worth), retail, and public green space is planned for the site. According to Socket's report, Peskin is attempting to stop the project by introducing a measure (today, in fact) that appeals to the Landmarks Board and preservation planners at the Planning Department, both of whom have long opposed the project on grounds of— well, because it's going to change the city landscape, that's why, regardless of an Environmental Impact Report that indicates a strong leaning toward keeping things in line on the "keeping things the same" front. According to the developer, however, the project will be absolutely dead in the water should Peskin's plan garner approval.
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55 Laguna

55 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA