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Price Chopper: Miss Havisham Lives at 2645 Lincoln Way

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"On the market for the first time in 50 years." For the past 50 years and three-plus months, that is; "exquisite castle-like estate" 2645 Lincoln Way is still languishing on the market after at least 122 days. Deets: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 4,036 square feet overlooking Golden Gate Park are are now all yours for $2,375,000 or $588 per square foot.The following report just landed in the inbox, courtesy of a close Curbed associate. Warning: this reader rant may not be suitable for the owners of this home:

Remember that huge house [name redacted] and I were telling you about, where we took the open house and were floored by what a mess it was for 3.5M? It's been reduced by 1.2 M, which still makes it a nightmare...

It has a basement straight out of a Saw movie, completely insane. The upstairs bedrooms were freshly carpeted (horrible, cheap ass orange stuff), but you could still feel buckling wood underneath, then look up, and, hmmm, fresh plaster on the ceiling. The upstairs walls were all this weird treatment -- imagine the top of a meringue pie and you're visualizing the texture of all the walls from the crazy "Spanish" (by way of Epcot) staircase all the way up. I heard a guy saying that they must have done the texturizing to cover up walls that were less than straight, or falling apart.

People were actually ANGRY when we were looking at it, mad at the slapdash repairs clearly recently done. Even with the 1.2 M reduction, you're looking at an incomprehensible amount of work and money you'd have to put into it to make it habitable.

Well put, as always.
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