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More Good Times

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Completing their final mission while in town, Team NYT went on a trend hunting expedition through San Francisco's alleyways, attempting to suss out the edgiest of San Francisco's night spots. We must echo Brother Eater's call— what follows is a most spectacularly awkward account of an evening turned decidedly un-cool at Harlot.: "There were no working girls in attendance the night I tried to enter Harlot. But there was a working doorman. I was flying solo, and single men are about as popular at nightclubs as teetotalers at a tequila convention. Rebuffed, I retreated, but returned a couple of days later during a more relaxed happy hour ... The bartenders had spiky hair, and the music was already thumping at 6 p.m. I felt as old as the hookers who inspired the place, and walked out past a crowd of attractive young women talking excitedly about an Internet start-up." Awww... [Eater SF via NYT]