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Fun With Democracy: Nabe's Voice Heard at SWL 337?

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Exercise your rights each and every Monday with Fun with Democracy, Curbed SF's nod to the U.S. Constitution. Have a nominee? Send in your ballot, and let the numbers decide.

About 125 people showed up at Jelly's Cafe on Saturday morning for a six-plus hour meeting on the future of Seawall Lot 337. Though the proposal submitted by the San Francisco Giants is heavily favored to win the commission to re-develop the site, the city is allegedly listening carefully to the concerns of local residents. Energy consumption, noise, environmental preservation— these and other concerns were brought to light by the locals as the four development teams pitched their plans to the crowd. (All reports indicate that pastries and coffee were, in fact, free.) City heavies from the Planning Economic Development Departments were on hand to prove just how serious the city is about hearing everyone out. Pending review by a city-appointed committee, the final call on the proposal competition won't likely be announced before September. So, fellow Americans: let's take it to the polls.
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