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Debbie Downer Visits the Federal Building

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The Federal Building is a disaster!!! So says Beyond Chron, where today's bit takes on the building's heating and cooling systems (insufficient), elevators (equally problematic as non-disabled folks jam the handicapped elevator in order to avoid hoofing it up the stairs; the regular system only stops every on every third floor in order to promote exercise), and location of the employee cafe (which requires that employees— gasp!— exit the building in order to procure their vittles). Finally, we have LEED: The building didn't secure a Platinum rating, the industry's highest (!!!) We know this. Bottom line: Green is a simply marketing hoax. People aren't comfortable in the building— that's the real problem. No matter about obesity, carbon emissions, and all other causes célèbres we love to kvetch about around these parts. Screw starchitecture and accolades. We want our air conditioning, and we want it now!
· San Francisco’s Green Building Nightmare [Beyond Chron]