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Bronze "Walk of Shame" Approved by Supes

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San Franciscans are about to have a lot more to watch out for than uneven pavement while stumbling home at the end of the night. The— drumroll— Board of Supes has approved a resolution that will require the Department of Public Works to install human-shaped bronze plaques along city streets in memory of homeless individuals who died there. The project will be privately funded by record producer Ian Brennan, who has worked extensively with Oakland's mentally ill homeless population. The catch— or rather, the joke: The plaques are slated for installation in Supes Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi's districts only. However, neither Mirkarimi (who is listed on the resolution as a co-sponsor) nor Daly; nor board president one Mr. Aaron Peskin recalled the measure when contacted by the Chron for comment. No further commentary necessary.
· Bronze plaques may mark where homeless died [SF Gate]