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Fillmore Heritage Project Update: the "Yoshi's Effect"

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It's been a while since we've looked in on the Fillmore Heritage Project now, hasn't it? With the November opening of venerable Yoshi's Sushi and Jazz Club along with 1300 (and, of course, the Heritage on Fillmore), it seemed as though the nabe was truly beginning to take off. And maybe it still is. As brother Eater SF astutely observes, however, while the higher-end restos have been lavished with praise, the smaller guys are struggling. Hence we have the "Yoshi's Effect," a phenomenon born within a one-block radius of the restaurant. Shuttered since November: the legendary Powell's Place (and a spectacular shuttering, at that), Sheba Lounge (currently in danger, Eater speculates), and now Spices, a casual, popular mini-chain. We agree: while Pac Heights and the end of Fillmore north of Geary street have seen nothing but development— Eater notes upcoming Delfina, Dosa, and Out The Door locations while we recall last week's throwdown between the Fillmore Merchant's Association and Ralph Lauren— the south side of Geary isn't looming nearly as large. A scapegoat named Yoshi's? If only one were enough to suffice.
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