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Curbed Inside Update: First Look at The Hayes

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While there's still a little work to be done— see the stable units and restaurant/ retail space— The Hayes is open for business. For those suffering from statistical obsessive-compulsion disorder (Did we just diagnose a new illness?): Sales are at 55%; around 5 or so studios are left, and an even mix of 15-20 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units are on the block, too. In case you haven't been following along as we've stalked The Hayes for months now (what's wrong with you, anyway?) prices range from $399,000 to $485,000 for studios, $619,000 to $749,000 for 1-bedrooms, and $789,000 to $930,000 for 2-bedroom homes. The extra-super-special Stable units are on the market for $1,059,000 for 2 bedrooms and 1,143,000 square feet of space.

Notes from the walk through: Well played on the art work; The Hayes contracted with Gallery 16 to bring in a stable of locals, all of whom have thriving careers. As for the staging, it was by far the best we've seen— truly. (And we look at more developments than we'd care to admit!) The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom corner unit featured in the photo gallery is laid out exceptionally well; by taking advantage of its position in the building and utilizing many windows, the unit feels much larger than its 990 square feet. We'll be eager to see the Stable homes, still under construction, as well as the upstairs penthouse which will undoubtedly spectacular. Final call: Bravo.
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The Hayes

55 Page Street, San Francisco, CA