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Eater Tastings: Keller on Charlie, Om in Eden

Welcome to the Eater Tastings, the Friday afternoon swap meet/ pimp sesh between Curbed and Eater. Here's the haps from the week in Eater SF.

1) Poor, pathetic Avenue G was transferred from Eater Deathwatch to hospice care back in October; struggling for its last breaths, the resto offered Happy Hour pricing during this past weekend's NCCA tourney. A restaurant. Offered Happy Hour prices. During a major American sports event. Go toward the light, Avenue G.

2) Thomas Keller, meet Charlie Rose. Faux pas of note: Rose claims television would "give [Keller] credibility." Like water off a duck's back: "No, I think that's distracting. There's enough things today that distract chefs and certainly enough that distract me. I want to try to focus in and make sure our restaurants are getting everything they need."

3) Six easy steps to an on-site resto review: struggling for relevancy, City Search places barcodes on city restos, asks diners to jump through hoops. Makes us want to drink Pabst and huff gas in Dolores Park with the Yelp kids. Or not.

4) All it takes is a couple of cabanas, water fountains, and a fire pit or two, right? Om Lounge turns Geary Street parking garage into garden of Eden. Just like it.