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Play off, Player: Has SoMa Grand Lost its Game?

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What's the haps at SoMa Grand? Something? Nothing at all? A suspicious reader dropped the following WTF? in the inbox:

I was in a unit on the 23 floor today on the new highrise there, and the view was a stunner. Later I looked up the address, and found a number of units already are being sold by their owners. The elevators still have plywood on the inside to protect against the construction crews! What's going on? Buyer's remorse? Place is worth a one-night stand but not a relationship? Price bump and folks looking to make a buck? Just curious.· 1160 Mission Street #1112/ $590,000 [MLS]
· 1160 Mission Street #807/ $780,000 [MLS]
· 1160 Mission Street #2113/ $975,000 [MLS]
· John King Does Not Like the Soma Grand [Curbed SF]
· Not Well Played: SoMa Grand [Curbed SF]

Soma Grand

1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103