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Pricespotter Anticlimax: 299 5th Street

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What started out as a tricky Pricespotter this week quickly grew, shall we say, anticlimactic. 299 5th Street quickly popped up around the blogosphere, predictably so given its contemporary "architectural significance." Readers kept their game face on nevertheless— Curbed reader Cake or Death won out with the closest guess of $2.25 million. Well done, Cake.

Location: 299 5th Street.
Asking: $2,149,000

· Price Spotter: "Architectural Significance" at 299 5th Street [Curbed SF]

UPDATE—: That's a good question, Cake. Our champ inquires: "[Would] most Curbed readers think this is under or OVER priced? $2.15 million doesn't buy what it used to, in SF... So compared to what else is out there, is this a value?"