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Brave the Bridge: "Urban Oasis" in North Oakland

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We admit it: every once in a while (like, say, when the economy is taking to hell and the housing market is responding in kind) we daydream about decamping to the East Bay. Nothing like a good game of "name that seat stain" while riding the BART, or braving the smug at Berkeley Bowl, after all. On the reals though, we often overlook the "other side" for no good reason— until this one popped up in the Curbed inbox. Some searching soul may have found their mate: 2 floors, 2.5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, stainless steel appliances/ fireplace/ spa tub/ sweet back yard, and high ceilings all inside of an open floor plan— for $2,950 per month. Listed as an "urban oasis," this one tempts us to break out the scales of justice: which weighs more, the house or the nabe?
· $2950 / 2br - NEW HOME FOR RENT (oakland north / temescal) [Craigslist]