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Peskin Pushes Permanent "Lights Out" on FiDi

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If we asked you which district Supervisor might back a mandate that forces all skyscrapers to extinguish their nonemergency lights after sundown, who would you guess might support such a bill? Gotta be Daly or Peskin, right? Score one for the Pesk, whose proposal would fine non-compliant businesses $50 for the first infraction, $100 for the second, and $250 for the third— and require automatic shut-off devices to be installed throughout the buildings. So essentially, the city will be issuing what amounts to parking tickets to those businesses that fail to dim the switches. Those companies that, according to local merchants, are already being fined for their utility expenditures because they pay higher commercial energy bills.

We can't bestow all of the credit on Peskin, however: the Supe was led to water by a retired banker-cum-photog on Telegraph Hill who noticed, while snapping the FiDi at night, that "there were not janitors cleaning the eighth through 24th floors of a building at 3 a.m. on Sunday." (How lazy of them!) After becoming increasingly annoyed by the lights, our photog took his snaps to Peskin and said, quote: "Dammit, can't we do something about this?" And so here we are, waiting for the backlash— nobody F's with our skyline, Peskin. (No one, except everyone, that is.)
· Supervisor proposes lights-out for downtown [SF Gate]

[Image courtesy Flickr photog tejana]