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Architecture Watch: Renzo's Rainbow Connection

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In Architecture Watch, Curbed SF expands its world view to new structures across the globe. Projects of note should be directed accordingly.

We think it's safe to say that all of San Francisco— nay, all the country— is eagerly anticipating the opening of the Renzo Piano-designed California Academy of Sciences. Though Piano's work is universally acclaimed for the most part, his new project in London, Central Saint Giles, misses the mark — at least judging by these renderings. Due for completion in 2009, the new 500,000 square foot mixed-use development consists of three 12-story buildings. Clad in individually colored ceramic and glass facades, the buildings definitely make a statement, although perhaps a bit garishly. Of the color, Piano says, " adding levitated, articulated and colorful buildings, (Central Saint Giles) physically expresses the people-focused and socially responsible credentials of modern corporate tenants." Of the color, Curbed SF says, "Whatevs Renz, it's totes ugs" (Because that's how we really do speak— it's not just a blog thing, you know.) Lesson learned, SF — the InterContinental really could be worse.
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