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Bait and Switch: Newsom Keeps Screwing With Torch Route

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Gavin, now just might be the time to stop with the smoke and mirrors, as various protest groups (including the ACLU) become increasingly irate over the city's staunch refusal to announce the exact route the Olympic torch will take during its spin through San Francisco on April 9th. Gav & Co. have hoped that withholding the plans would make it more difficult for activists to plan disruptions to the festivities, as the initial torch lighting ceremony in Greece was already derailed by protests, including a Tibetan woman soaked in fake blood who threw herself into its path. (Note to San Francisco: We can totally top that.) Calm down, Rincon Hill residents— you're still gonna get to see the torch. But hold off on ordering the hot dogs and glow sticks for a second: Newsom met with other city officials yesterday to discuss changing the route again. Bait, bait. Switch, switch. Backfire!
· Activists push for Olympic torch's S.F. route [SF Gate]