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CurbedWire: Not So Fast at 1481 Post Street

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We listen to the CurbedWire for tips and treats on what's going down in the city. Got deets? To the wire!


Yesterday's ditty on the "Rincon Hill Effect" in Japantown caused quite the stir (our tongue, it appears, was not planted firmly enough in our cheek on this one. And yet if we would have cursed ...) After a lengthy upbraiding regarding our lack of planning know-how, an anonymous commenter—love you!—dropped the following crumb: "My insider's tip is that this proposal has been pulled back by the project sponsors and that they're re-evaluating the proposed design. Stay tuned for what will almost certainly be a shorter, but still tall, building that may even comply with the already not-so-low current zoned height limit. it always helps your project when you don't have to seek a politically-frought legislative (and quasi-legal) spot re-zoning just to benefit your project." [CurbedWire]