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Development Watch: Adventures in Archibabble on South Park

We last checked in on this South Park micro-development last January, and things seem to be trudging forward on the commercial/residential mixed-use buildings. Without the scaffolding and protective films, these contemporary structures are looking a little cold in context with the rest of the area, though we'll hold any further judgment until the big reveal. While we're waiting on the unveiling of what will surely be the star of this building cluster, Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects's Gallery House (the one covered in black mesh), let's indulge a favorite Curbed hobby — trying to make sense of archi-babble. Courtesy of the OPA website:

The gallery addresses the street through a condensation wall, a vitrine that distends and articulates the physicality of the liminal condition. Above, taxonomy studies exhausted potential code interpretations for a protective shroud that optimizes privacy and transparency on the domestic floors. A scaffold-like structure supports a semi-transparent screen and projects away from the primary glass curtain wall as an parametric illustration of the Planning Code constraints that trigger the typical San Francisco bay window.
So... A glass wall behind some fancy blinds, whose form has been dictated by building codes. Architects, we kid because we love.
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