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Asked Curbed SF: Mystery Makeover on 2nd Street

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Wasting no time with idle prattle, our reader asks: "What's going down at 599 2nd Street"? Nothing, according to current city permit records. What we do know: 599 2nd was once the Los Angeles Soap Company Warehouse, and scored a "C" with the San Francisco Architectural Heritage. It appears that those building numbers (no doubt cribbed from the DWR play book) were added in 2006, along with the windows. Can anyone bring us up to speed here?

UPDATE— From the office of Stanley Saitowitz— moment of silence— the project at 599 2nd Street is a small, handicapped-accessible upgrade to a privately-owned (but soon to be sold) property. No renderings necessary. (Thanks, anonymous commenter below. You're welcome to join us, you do know?)