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Sorry, Neighbors: The Cafe Irks NIMBY's 7 Days a Week

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Shore up, Castro NIMBY's: The Cafe, popular dance club and scene of many a bawdy act, won over the Planning Commission this week. Expect to see a three-story addition to the building, along with "non-fast food" carryout, remodeled restrooms, and yes— oh yes, more entertainment. Seven days a week's worth, rain or shine. We just love the "can't stop, won't stop" attitude of this nabe; in North Beach, such a biz might never prevail over the NIMBY neighbors. Not so fast though. The Cafe did get the job done, but not without a provision or two— or 45. In short, while the nabes can expect more revelry, we're predicting that The Cafe's owners will keep it on a tight leash. Which could be kind of hot.
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