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The Olympic Torch : Not Taking it Down to Chinatown

Guess which San Francisco nabe the Olympic torch won't be trailblazing through on April 9th? Think hard now . . . Chinatown! Gavin and Co. made the announcement following yesterday's arson attempt on the Chinese Consulate, the hackneyed work of an obviously disgruntled Boy/Girl Scout or some such—said misguided soul doused the security gate, no doubt made of steel, not kindling, with flammable liquid and lit 'er up. Chinatown has been deemed unfit as a torch-bearing hood due to its density and small streets (and not because of China's gross human rights violations, the fear of associations made with said country and its actions, or the fact that the event is expected to garner international attention for massive protests already long in the works.) Rincon Hill Riders, mount up: this party's coming to your territory; though the final parade route hasn't yet been announced, the Embarcadero and AT&T Park will most likely host the torch— and the madness.
· Mayor hints at torch route; Chinatown unlikely [SF Gate]