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Ask Curbed SF: Name That Graf

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Feeling lost and aimless, you lost, aimless soul? Consult the oracle that is Ask Curbed SF. To the inbox!

Like sands through the hour glass ... can anyone ease this reader's mind before time runs out? Asks our observant commuter:

So on the "N" side of Pier 39 there is some roller graf (with paint rollers) that appears to say HOURABNO. I ride by it 10 times a week and cannot figure out WTF it says or means. My fear is that once they tear down the pier, I might never know. I've reached out to my graf friends and my Port Authority friends and no one knows. UPDATE— Blow up on the Curbed SF tipline! All reports indicate that the above piece was done by two separate people, Hour and Abno. Neither reside here anymore, apparently. Oh, and it's Pier 36, not 39.