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Reader Comment Round-Up: Protest Sound-off Edition

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In this edition of Reader Comment Round-Up We'd like to pay homage to Wednesday's protest against the war in Iraq by honoring those find readers who commented anonymously put their reputations on the line in order to tell it like it was. Man, you people were on this week. P.S.: Anons can always redeem themselves by putting a face on that irresistible with and charm (read: creating a profile).

1) Guest, regarding the hijacking of Montgomery and Market Streets: "Might be funny if Code Pink started eating the Bloggers. Then CHP and the bikers could go at it. Then KRON 4 and Code Pink could take on the bloggers, with Sal Castaneda calling the plays."

2) Guest, on the prospect of the protests hitting the bridge: "regarding Effing narcissists - hey, honk your horn and give me a thumbs up so I can tell my co-workers at Kinko's (sorry - FedEx-Kinkos, corporate bastards) that I'm making a difference."

3) Guest, at the initial announcement of the day's protest plans: "Letmegetthisstraight....There are about 100 people protesting at 5 or 6 different sites? I'm going to bet that these are the same perpetual protesters that show up for any camera laden event. Let's go save-a-tree-at-Berkeley or fight TIC-ownership next week."

['Lil charmers courtesy Steve Rhodes]