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On the Market: Just the Facts at 375 Diamond Street

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At T-minus one hour to Friday drinkage, what sort of witty banter can we possibly conjure up for 375 Diamond Street? Let's just stick with the facts, OK? Fact: 375 Diamond Street is damn well criminally expensive at $3,250,000. Fact: 375 Diamond Street boasts 6 whole bedrooms and 4 bathrooms— perfect for those who eschew birth control or harbor ecoterrorists. Fact: 375 Diamond Street offers 4,000 square feet of space (see commentary from last fact). Fact: 375 Diamond Street has vaulted ceilings, "clean lines," 4 decks, and we were happy to have an opportunity to practice our Italian and German while reading the appliance brand names.
· 375 Diamond Street [MLS]