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Eater Tastings: Bathroom Bonanza at Bouchon, Dramarama at Sens, Chez Papa En Route (for real)

Join us for Eater Tastings, a look back at the week that was in Eater Land— and oh, what a week it was!

1) Thomas Keller, Bouchon, and port-o-potties. An unlikely team, yes. Keller is an innovator though, and his, shall we say, avant garde marriage of restroom facilities and outdoor seating at Bouchon proves no exception.

2) Mass exodus at Sens, drama, vicious rumors ensue. Rowdiness in the comment box rowdiness reaches epic proportions. Deathwatch ensues, natch.

3) Chez Papa might actually be opening in Mint Plaza following three painful, consecutive delays. Deliver us, oh Minty.

Mint Plaza

1 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103