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Development du Jour: More Condos at 72 Townsend Street

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Location: 72 Townsend Street (between 2nd at Colin P. Kelly Streets), South Beach
Size: 9 stories, 147,000 square feet, 74 units, mixed-use with retail at street level
Architects: SB Architects
Developer: West Bay Builders (think: Symphony Towers)
Sales & Marketing: Polaris Group
Lowdown: West Bay Builders bought the former Hooper's South End Grain Warehouse back in 2007; the building was constructed in 1874, and survived the 1906 earthquake/ fires. It's facade will be preserved during the building process. (History, the instant value add.) The projected 99 foot-tall building will be smaller than others in the area (South Beach Marina Apartments, Towers at the Embarcadero, Brannan Towers).

[Renderings courtesy Polaris Group via SF New Developments]