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Debrief: Yesterday's Protest Gets Rave Reviews

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[Two instant classics: On the left, a tidy crowd of marchers snapped by Plug1 of; Right, two friendly neighborhood cops keep watch on Bank of America. Image courtesy Steve Rhodes via SFist]

What a harried day! The CurbedWire iPhone and Inbox blew up all day with on-the-ground reports from yesterday's 5th annual protest against the war in Iraq. By all accounts, year five gave year four a run for its money, as more than 5,000 bodies descended upon Civic Center by 5 p.m. alone. Despite a few snafus with Mr. Police Man (as per above), the overall report was one of success. Word on the street says (and in the Curbed SF Flickr pool) that San Francisco had its shiz together more than ever on the organization front. Agreed?
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