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Hideous Floorplan Drives Reader to Photoshop Breakdown

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77 Beaver Street, the floor plan anti-porn that launched a thousand snipes— and the most ambitious reader send-in to land in the Curbed Inbox in a good, long while: "Don't ask me why, but 77 Beaver Street's floor plan brought out the frustrated architect in me," says our Photoshop-strapped reader. Before we go to the polls, our designer's pitch:

1) The bump-out in the second bedroom is there primarily to eliminate the expense of moving the window. It would also be a nice area for a desk.
2) The relocated family room may be cozy in size, but placing it off the kitchen and away from the living room makes more sense to me.
3) The window in the relocated bathroom is a new floorplan problem, but at least the bathroom access issue is solved... and did you see the extra sink?

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