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On The Market: Proof's in the Deets at 334 Pierce Street

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Can a listing have too many photos? Perhaps so, though with its almost wearisome 33 pics, 334 Pierce Street gets off on a technicality: the deets! Oh yes, for once we have the shots of the oft-overlooked fixtures and hardware that make a house a home. In the case of this top unit, we're looking at some questionably authentic "period" door handles, patterned glass, and lighting features. Not as beat up and romantic as we'd like, but we'll give them an"A" for effort. On top of all that, this TIC is equidistant from both Alamo Square & Duboce Park, and the lucky buyer who drops $799,000 will find both a great room and a living room in their new home. Just like living in the suburbs.
· 34 Pierce St [MLS]