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Gluckman Mayner Refines "Stupid Boxes" for CAMP Design

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Since architecture firm Gluckman Mayner first debuted the renderings, CAMP, Gap founder Donald Fisher's pet museum project, has stirred controversy (yes, controversy) here in San Francisco. Some are opposed to replacing the existing bowling alley with a billionaire's art collection, while others are insulted by the stark structure, while even those who support the modern museum eloquently refer to the design as "boring" or a collection of "stupid boxes." "We aren't getting our message out right, and part of the issue is the images," said architect Richard Gluckman, who spent this past week here in the city. "People complain the building looks cold and white and stark. In those images, it does." Gluckman assures that certain design nuances weren't visible in previous renderings, and promises that new drawings showing off some of the inevitable design "tweaks" will be revealed next month, hopefully communicating the idea of the building a little better. Will the naysayers convert? Are we in San Francisco?
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