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Breaking: Madness at Market and Montgomery!! Hipsters Hijack Protest

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The Curbed SF iPhone line just blew up (and no, we're not giving you the number), as one of our best boys reported the following: The scene surrounding Market and Montgomery Streets has turned tense as what was a peaceful protest has erupted into a confrontation between police and the usual suspects: hipster radical bikers and Code Pink. According to our on-the-ground informant, a team of earnest 10-speeders just bombed into the intersection, circling incessantly and blocking traffic as Code Pinkers jumped around with their pink boas and screamed alot. Or something. All we know is that the cops are suited and booted— riot gear, ready to go! As for you civilian drivers out there, dream on— a massive traffic jam promises to lock down the nabe as of... now. [Curbed iPhone]

UPDATE— Extra bonus video coverage above courtesy Youtuber allanhough via Mission Mission On the scene camera pic courtesy our tipster extraordinare.